Monday, 12 December 2011

Neeta Lulla

Fashion designer Neeta Lulla has performed a fundamental function in setting fashion trends from the time when. Fashion designer Neeta Lulla freshly enlarged her design proficiency to Hollywood projects and there are over 375 films present as her recognition.She has performed many fashion shows as well as organized many fashion weeks.

She displayed her collection in Lakme Fashion Week by Neeta Lulla - Lakme fashion Week - Fall Winter Collection 09 with many other Indian fashion designers like Narendra Kumar, Malini Agarwalla, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Shilpa chavan and so on.

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

London Fashion Week S/S 2012 kicked off on 16th September to unite fashion and digital innovation, and encouraging engagement with London Fashion Week through social media, live streaming and pioneering new technologies.

London Fashion Week S/S 2012 kicked off on 16th September to unite fashion and digital innovation, and encouraging engagement with London Fashion Weekthrough social media, live streaming and pioneering new technologies.

London Fashion Week was welcomed by a glamorous party, to celebrate the collaboration of London make-up brand Rimmel and the ultimate London girl, Kate Moss. Other guests, which was attended by Amber Le Bon, Sadie Frost, Jasmine Guinness, Jade Parfitt, Donna Air, Marina Diamandis and The Vaccines among many others.

London Fashion Week consisted of 100 catwalk shows and 200 exhibitions, showcasing women’s and men’s wear collections for spring summer 2012. London based Irishman Paul Costelloe kicked off the grand fashion extravaganza with his voluminous, baby doll dresses and cropped jackets in A-line silhouettes. Filled with neutral hues and dazzled with brighter coral and lime green shades in luxurious, textured fabrics, the collection was like a playful chic.

Caroline Charles’ collection was like an Ode to French Rivieria, with chiffon dress in classic navy with dropped waistline. Her black and white eveningwear, meanwhile, sparkles with jewels and sequins for pure glamour.

Other well-known names on the line-up included Dame Vivienne Westwood, Julien Macdonald and Issa, one of the Duchess of Cambridge's favored designers, Mulberry, Nicole Farhi and Matthew Williamson.

Toyota Camry

Meet the new soul of the journey through the ultimate relaxing experience with fresh and influential Camry model. Camry is adding a new range of comfort driving in the world of riding. Camry with its dynamic physical outlook and over all remarkable performance can be your desired dream, which you wanted to avail.

Experience the smooth yet strong practice of driving an automobile with the new Camry. The stunning design of the grand Camry has such a dramatic attitude that puts liveliness into it. These vital life forces of the model make it bold and more thrilling. The daring graceful line indicate the outstanding aerodynamics with directly elevating strengths. The internal soothing atmosphere of the automobile makes the drive more relaxing and easy.

So enjoy the world at your feet, with luxurious and high quality Camry.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Unique Beaded Jewelry Shows Off Your Personal Style

It's a human trait, to dress oneself up. Dressing up includes decoration and adornment. The articles used for adornment, excluding vestments and suchlike, are collectively known as jewelry. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and brooches comprise jewelry. It is no surprise then that our ancestors from ages past used jewelry to adorn themselves. This jewelry was of a necessity very simple, and natural. The earliest form of jewelry was beadwork, made by hand, using vines or thin leather strips to string stone beads together.

Ancient cultures and civilizations used jewelry for religious and royal ceremonies. The public relied on less pretentious forms of jewelry, such as beaded jewelry for daily wear. The earliest examples of beads used as jewelry date back 70,000 years (source: National Geographic Society)!

Costume jewelry is so-called because it really does not put much emphasis or importance on the intrinsic value of the materials used, focusing instead on the appearance, the look of the jewelry. It is a style or fashion accessory, not a symbol of wealth or status. Hence costume jewelry has come to mean cheap jewelry, and vice versa. Trinkets, baubles, and bric-a-brac are common synonyms for costume jewelry. It is interesting to note that Columbus offered trinkets to the natives of the lands he visited as peace offerings, which were readily accepted, showing the power of attraction inherent in jewelry.

The craft of making beaded jewelry is easily picked up in a matter of hours. It is an excellent way of bringing out your latent creativity. You'll get the hang of the basic methodology in a couple of hours, and then it's just you and your ideas, and of course, the beads! This craft is truly freeform, and you can give free run to your imagination to create signature pieces that spell 'YOU'!

You can source the materials required for this craft from the virtual world that is the Internet. Or, you can visit the local brick-and-mortar and get your supplies there.

Websites that specialize in beaded jewelry are a treasure house of resources for the beaded jewelry craftsperson. You will find that buying directly from the source falls cheaper.

If this craft, making beaded jewelry, is good for you then it is doubly good for children. Introduce your children to the wonderful world of jewelry making through bead craft. To make things easier for you, there are a number of kits specially designed for children.

Making your own costume jewelry is doubly rewarding. You'll enjoy making it, you'll enjoy wearing it. This is where you can let your aesthetic talent come to the fore! Design your jewelry in such a way that it represents your nature, your personal style. Are you a 'blue' person? Then use blue as your theme color, and dress up your outfit with a subtle 'wave' of small, pale blue beads! You are sure to stand out in any gathering, for sure!

The range of beads that are available nowadays has served to make this craft even more popular. You can get beads in every form imaginable and in all shades, from pale pastels to iridescent solids!

Clothing is embellished with beadwork to personalize the clothes. So that is another application of beaded jewelry. Some fashion analysts have noticed a reverse trend too - as beadwork jewelry is increasing in popularity so also is the popularity of casual, trendy clothes to match the beaded jewelry.

Beaded jewelry and costume jewelry are very popular with today's generation. Go with the flow and enhance your wardrobe with your own designer costume jewelry. All the material is readily available. Join a local craft group to get more support. Otherwise, there's always the Internet. People will really admire your aesthetic creativity and recognize you for your gift of style!